Sunday, December 5, 2010

This is joint effort from myself and my friend Alex in Brazil. A 1/18 scale diecast "Rat Rod" style truck that has been converted with a custom made R/C chassis. If there is enough interest more will be made in the future. The models will come ready to run with transmitter and case. Est cost will be $295.00 and up.
The O scale work never seems to stop, (not that i'm complaining) But I always have more time for other commissions!
A "small" batch of O scale kits, private commission
O scale craftsman kit. Private commission.

1/18 scale 1950 GMC Pick-Up

1/18 scale 1953 Ford Pick-Up

1/18 scale 1961 Ford Pick-Up... SOLD

Newest Batch of Weathered 1/18 scale trucks are now complete.

These 1/18 scale (approx long) die-cast truck models are re-paints of standard off the shelf models each piece is completely hand-painted and weathered; no air brush was used. This model above was mentioned in Hemmings blog.

This truck above is one of four different models I have just completed. After these are sold, another batch will be started  Each set takes about two months to complete.

Each model reflects at least 20 hours' work. The chassis are completely painted and detailed, the die-cast bodies have been painted with an acid etch primer and then painted by hand with acrylics. The trucks have scale license plates, bumper stickers, parking tickets, even parking permit window hangers. Each cab has fully detailed interiors, complete with coffee cups, lunchboxes, maps, newspapers, and tools littered about.  
Period decals adorn the dusty body and there are even bird droppings on the roofs and fresh mud on the fenders. Engines are grimy and well used. All of the models' original opening doors are still usable (unless stated), which allows for various display options.

The trucks come carefully shipped and insured.  A showcase can be had upon request for an additional charge. The prices range from $180.00-$280.00 depending on detail and cost of the base model.
(Please note that I do take on private commissions. I specialize in painting and weathering most quality die-cast models, model railway engines, rolling stock and structures. Dioramas are also available. I have a reasonable turnaround time and can furnish pictures upon request. I enjoy all challenges)